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Arrival Checklist

To ensure that the IdyllicPrague team exceed the expectations of our Guests, we ask our Guests to sign an "Arrival Check List"

If you have any suggestions as to how to improve the Arrival Checklist, or if you have any suggestions as to how IdyllicPrague might improve their
service to their Guests, please send your suggestions by email to Info@IdyllicPrague.com or by telephone to one of the telephone numbers we give to you.

Please do not delay.   Please inform us immediately.   It is frustrating to us to hear on your departure that we could have done something that
would have improved your holiday.   If something is not as it should be, please tell us immediately so that we can fix it as quickly as we can.

+++++Arrival Check List+++++Arrival Check List+++++Arrival Check List+++++Arrival Check List+++++Arrival Check List

Dear Guest

IdyllicPrague want their Guests to enjoy comfortable, safe, relaxing holidays.

We would be very grateful if you could please complete this Arrival Checklist, which compliments the Arrival Acceptance Form and the Damage Policy.

Any item which does not meet expectations should be immediately photographed by both the Guest and also by IdyllicPrague. 

Cottage in good order.   Keys provided


Greeting by IdyllicPrague on arrival satisfactory


Cottage cleaning thorough and to a good standard.  If not, we will ask the cleaners to return to clean again


Welcome pack provided.   Starter set of bus tickets provided


Smoke alarms are essential safety equipment.   Adequate working smoke alarms fitted to provide protected escape from the building


Light bulbs working


Cutlery, crockery and cooking equipment provided


Hot water available.  Heating available if needed


Bedding provided.   Towels provided


Garden neat.  Grass cut.  Barbeque indicated.  Garden furniture provided


If bicycles provided, these have been listed on the Arrival Acceptance Form


Garage available, clean and clear of rubbish and clear of abandoned tools or materials from builders, gardeners or decorators


Location of public bus service explained.   Location of local pubs and restaurants indicated


Wi-Fi Internet connection, telephone, TV and remote tested and working


Email and telephone contacts to IdyllicPrague provided.  
Any problems or defective equipment must be reported to Hana & Ben without delay


 Signature of Guest                  Name of Guest                                    Date 2019-04-05

 Conifer Cottage     /     Cherry Tree Cottage     /     Cherry Tree Lodge     /         Cherry Garden Suite     (delete as appropriate)

+++++Arrival Check List+++++Arrival Check List+++++Arrival Check List+++++Arrival Check List+++++Arrival Check List


Follow these 10 steps to book your perfect IdyllicPrague.com holiday

1)    Dates.  Check that your IdyllicPrague.com holiday dates are available by email or telephone +44 20 3006 3026  (email to Info@IdyllicPrague.com is best)
        Check which holiday dates offer the lowest priced flights - big savings on flight tickets are often possible.  IdyllicPrague do not impose a changeover day
        Choose your preferred Cottage(s)  The Cottage(s) you rent is for your EXCLUSIVE use for your holiday dates.

2)    Deposit.  Reserve your IdyllicPrague.com holiday dates by paying IdyllicPrague a deposit of at least 50%. 
            IdyllicPrague will confirm payment receipt by email and then in writing see (6) below

3)    Register.  eMail your police registration forms to IdyllicPrague.com see www.LondonPrague.com/Legal.htm click here
        Post your signed pre-arrival form to IdyllicPrague.com.

4)    No Damage Deposit.  We do not ask for a Damage Deposit, but we do ask you to confirm that you agree to the Damage Policy, which is "replace not repair" click here
        For higher risk Groups, such as all one gender Groups or Groups where most are under 25 we ask all Guests to email to confirm their acceptance of the Damage Policy

5)    Special Requests.  If there is something special that you would like us to know it may be helpful if you sent answers to this Guest Arrival Questionnaire to us by email. 
        Tell us any special requirements such as baby cots, wheelchair ramps etc

6)    Confirmation.  IdyllicPrague.com will post confirmation of deposit receipt and an information pack and vouchers to you. 
        We prefer to do that when the full details of your visit are confirmed, including number of Guests, time of arrival and your contact mobile telephone number in Prague.

        Visa.  Most visitors do not need a visa.   If you need a special invitation confirmation letter for visa purposes, click here for more details

7)    Optional Extras.  Consider optional extras such as bicycle rental, personal greeting on arrival (eg airport) etc

8)    Full Payment.  Make a full balance payment including any extras to IdyllicPrague not later than 8 weeks before the start of your holiday.  This is essential
        to secure your booking

9)    Airport Collection.   If you would like Airport or Railway Station Collection then email to  IdyllicPrague.com your
        arrival time, flight number, departure airport and a mobile telephone number.  (Yes, we do need your departure airport - try finding a flight without! :-) )

10)   Pickup Your Keys.  For instructions for collecting your Cottage keys, click here.  You will be asked to sign an arrival form and a checklist.   

Try to find time to browse www.IdyllicPrague.com before your holiday - Guests tell us that this really enhanced their enjoyment of their holiday. 

Subject to terms and availability, IdyllicPrague like to provide one free bus ticket per Guest.  Click here for more details.      

For details of our prices, click here or  click here!  For payment details, click here
For price policy click here.  Click here for availability charts.  Click here for Damage Policy.

For free rental insurance click here.  IdyllicPrague also recommend that all Guests purchase cancelation insurance and damage insurance.

The local Czech Authorities do charge us a Tourist Accommodation tax per person per night
for your stay, but we pay that for you, we do not ask you to pay that as an extra.

Every eMail and letter we send to you will always include your name and the
arrival date and the departure date of your holiday in the "Subject".  Despite
taking the utmost care misunderstandings can occur, so if you spot any
discrepancy or have any concerns at all, please tell us immediately.

For details of our partners, click here.   For suggestions for cash and mobile phone click here.

For suggestions as to how to organise a large group of friends, click here. For Stag Groups click here.

To return to the Home page, click here!


Payment is by cheque or by bank transfer.  For details of how to pay IdyllicPrague click here

IdyllicPrague never use PayPal.  For more information click here.

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