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Stag/Hen Group Parties

IdyllicPrague.com holidays are typically enjoyed by family and extended family groups, who appreciate the
peaceful village atmosphere on the edge of Silent Valley National Park.  Combining this Idyllic peaceful
setting with easy access into Prague provides the perfect holiday for many families. 

Many thousands of Guests have enjoyed wonderful IdyllicPrague.com holidays (for Guests Comments click here.)
Out of these thousands of Guests, so far only four individual Guests have briefly behaved in an unacceptable manner.

For most Stag/Hen Group Parties, a hotel in Prague City Centre is much more appropriate than IdyllicPrague.com

If you believe that IdyllicPrague.com is the right location for your Stag/Hen Party then IdyllicPrague.com will want very
convincing assurances from you that the Cottages will be safe and that the quiet village will not be disturbed.    

When bookings are taken from non-family groups IdyllicPrague.com will ask every individual member of the group
to email to IdyllicPrague.com their express acceptance of the terms of the IdyllicPrague.com Damage Policy which
can be found here  (see www.LondonPrague.com/Damage.htm)

If even only one member of the group has failed to provide their written agreement with the IdyllicPrague.com Damage Policy
then access and keys to the Cottages will NOT be provided.  In such circumstances any refund will be entirely at the discretion
of IdyllicPrague.com

The Czech people are wonderfully friendly, and hugely enjoy social gatherings.  They love to drink, particularly beer, and
become very merry.  However bad behaviour and drunken bad behaviour are extremely unusual, and are dealt with
very quickly and decisively.  The local villagers are wonderful people to relax with and will become your lifelong friends. 
They will not, however, understand the extreme loutish drunken behaviour that has sadly become common place in
countries such as the UK for example.    Should Czech Police become involved, the Police will take a much more direct,
immediate and physical approach to controlling loutish behaviour than might be the case in other European Countries.
To conclude - it is a great place to have fun, and to enjoy drinking.  But the most extreme loutish or antisocial behaviour
may elicit a sudden response that may shock you in its physical immediacy and vigour.  And in the case of the most
extreme behaviour IdyllicPrague.com will require delinquent Guests to pay in full not only for the damage they caused,
but also for consequential costs in addition.

An illustration of the IdyllicPrague.com Damage Policy is appended below.  For the most recent version of the
IdyllicPrague.com Damage Policy
click here  (see www.LondonPrague.com/Damage.htm)


IdyllicPrague.com Policy for Paying for Damage and Breakage

Security/Breakage Deposit

IdyllicPrague do not ask their Guests for a Security Deposit or a Breakage Deposit.
However IdyllicPrague do reserve the right to ask Guests to reimburse the cost of
breakages where IdyllicPrague consider that to be appropriate.
Please inform IdyllicPrague.com as soon as possible of any damage, breakage or defect.

Commitment to Paying for Breakage

The purpose of this webpage is to communicate and clarify the policy for damage and breakage
in advance of your holiday.  For non-family groups it is important that every member of the group,
not just the group leader, understands their individual responsibility to commit to this breakage policy.

This Policy, and this Commitment to pay for breakage, applies to ALL Guests of IdyllicPrague.com.
Moreover, at the sole discretion of IdyllicPrague, IdyllicPrague.com may ask some Guests,
particularly non-family groups, to  confirm that they have read and are committed to comply
with the IdyllicPrague.com Policy for Paying for Damage and Breakage.

Only if IdyllicPrague.com has requested you to do so, please click here to send an email to
Info@IdyllicPrague.com to confirm that you have read this web page and to confirm that
you agree to all the conditions outlined on this web page.
IdyllicPrague.com will ask ALL members of your group to each send individual emails.
The email must contain your full name and home address as part of your confirmation
of your personal commitment to this policy.  The email must be sent well in advance of
the commencement of your holiday.  If IdyllicPrague.com has specifically asked a Guest
to send this confirmation email, the Guest will not be given access to the IdyllicPrague.com
Cottages until an email confirmation or written confirmation has been received.

IdyllicPrague will compare the name and address you provide to the name and address
you provide to the Czech Border Police.  Click here for more details.
Be aware that it is a criminal offence under Czech Law to provide incorrect information for this purpose.

Small Breakages and Damage

IdyllicPrague.com want their Guests to enjoy happy and relaxing holidays.  IdyllicPrague.com
therefore want to create as little fuss and inconvenience as possible in resolving any damage or

Please try to understand the viewpoint of the IdyllicPrague.com team.  The cost of a small
broken item is usually small, however considerable cost and inconvenience can be incurred
in hurriedly purchasing a replacement.  Our priority will be to ensure that everything is perfect
for the arrival of the next group of Guests.  We therefore ask:-

    1)    Please inform IdyllicPrague.com as soon as possible of any breakage or defect.

    2)    If you can obtain a replacement that would be greatly appreciated.

For example, if you accidentally drop and break a cup, and the cup is one of a matching set
of six cups, the IdyllicPrague.com team and all subsequent Guests would be extremely grateful
if you purchased a replacement set of six cups.  This will not be expensive, and will be greatly
appreciated by everyone.  In particular it will make the changeover to new Guests at the
end of your holiday much easier for everyone.

IdyllicPrague.com have never yet charged for small breakages or damage and hope never to do so.
We are very grateful for the goodwill and helpfulness of our Guests in resolving any small defects.

Large Breakages and Damage

IdyllicPrague.com want their Guests to enjoy happy and relaxing holidays.  IdyllicPrague.com
therefore want to create as little fuss and inconvenience as possible in resolving any damage or

If any large breakage or damage occurs, please inform IdyllicPrague.com as soon as possible.
IdyllicPrague.com will take a very tough approach to Guests who fail to declare serious damage
or breakage.  Please also inform IdyllicPrague.com of any defect as soon as possible.

The total cost of large breakages or damage is often far greater than the cost of a repair. 
Members of the IdyllicPrague.com team will have to organise and supervise repair work. 
In extreme cases substitute provision may have to be made for subsequent Guests which can
add very significantly to the expense.

IdyllicPrague.com routinely use a specific building engineer as a subcontractor for more significant
maintenance and repair.  His prices are not high compared to other subcontractors and the
quality of his work is good.  IdyllicPrague will normally rely on his quotation and will not seek
any other quotation for the work.  Seeking alternative quotations will add substantially to the
total cost as it can be difficult and time consuming to find suitable craftsmen in Prague.  Thus
additional management time and the cost of delay might add significantly to the total cost. 
It is better for all parties that these unnecessary additional costs are avoided.

IdyllicPrague.com will normally only ask for prompt reimbursement of the estimated cost of repair.
However in extreme cases it may be necessary for IdyllicPrague.com to ask Guests to reimburse
additional costs.

If Guests do not promptly reimburse the estimated cost of repair or unreasonably deny responsibility
then IdyllicPrague.com will ask their specialist bilingual lawyers to obtain payment.  The cost of these
lawyers will add substantially to the final settlement.  If Guests do not reveal which member of a group
should be responsible for reimbursing the cost of the damage then IdyllicPrague will make appropriate
assumptions as to liability in order to obtain prompt repayment.

Some damage cannot be repaired and does not have a direct financial value.  Nevertheless IdyllicPrague.com
may ask for appropriate payment.  For example the Cottage gardens contain some beautiful mature
trees.  In an extreme case, wanton malicious serious vandalism which is clearly not accidental may
necessitate a payment of appropriate damages.

Thankfully large breakages and damage are extremely rare.  Almost all IdyllicPrague.com Guests
are super people who treat the Cottages with care and respect.  We want to ensure that dealing
with an unfortunate holiday accident should be as comfortable and collaborative as possible.
Accidents happen - we do not want an incident to cast an unhappy shadow over your enjoyment
of your holiday.   With good will on both sides sensible resolution will quickly be achieved.


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All Guests will be asked to sign an Arrival Acceptance Form

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