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All Guests will be asked to sign an Arrival Acceptance Form and a police registration form click here

For details of our price policy click here.  Click here for an independent booking guarantee.

Included in the Payment

Payment includes (subject to conditions and availability)


    EXCLUSIVE use of the accommodation, we do not ask you to share your Cottage with another group


    Flexible dates, avoiding the tyranny of a fixed "changeover day"


    7 nights for the price of 6


    Subsidised Airport Transfer from Prague Airport on your Arrival (check details subject to conditions)


    Free bilingual telephone support throughout your holiday


    Cottage cleaned on arrival and departure


    Cottage cleaned usually every 4 days


    Clean bed linen, duvets, pillows, sheets, blankets etc


    Clean towels


    "Welcome pack" of  a bottle of sparkling Dobra Voda mineral water,
a bottle of still Dobra Voda mineral water and a bottle of Bohemia Sekt
Champagne sparkling wine,, 1l milk, together with a small supply of tea,
coffee, sugar, salt, soap, toilet paper, kitchen towel etc. together with a
150 minute metro/tram/bus/funicular ticket for each Guest


    Rental of a mobile telephone SIM card.  Click here for details


    Free metro/bus/tram/funicular ticket for each Guest when available click here


    Broadband ADSL internet access connected to WiFi and computer (it has been very reliable, but it is not gauranteed)


    Standard services, including local telephone, heating, electricity etc


    The local Czech Authorities do charge us a Tourist Accommodation tax
    per person per night for your stay, but we pay that for you, we do not
    charge it to you as an extra.

IdyllicPrague is committed to providing their Guests with outstanding holiday
excellence, and strives to keep the Cottage in pristine condition.  If any breakage
or malfunction occurs, please inform us and we will endeavour to rectify the
problem as swiftly as practical.  In the unlikely event that a breakage or malfunction
occurs prior to your arrival, and a repair or replacement cannot be achieved prior
to your arrival, we will endeavour to notify you of the problem and the action
being taken.


As this is a public open access website, some details have been ##suppressed##
below.  We will provide you with the missing details when you contact us.

We currently offer a choice of 4 methods of payment

We currently take payment

1) Personal cheque made out to "* * *******" and posted to "IdyllicPrague" 33 Daws Lane
London NW7 4SD. Our experience has been that only a simple cheque is needed and cheques
can be from any country in any currency - all the different cheques we have received so far have
all worked OK! Note that the cheque needs to be payable to "* * *******" not "IdyllicPrague" please.
This is because "******* s.r.o." which trades as "IdyllicPrague.com" is a Czech company not a UK company.

2) Bank Transfer to "* * *******" CitiBank GBP 30-00-45 ******** Citibank PO BOX 49930 London SE5 7XT

3) Bank Transfer to "* * *******" CitiBank GBP 30-00-45 ******** IBAN GB 92 CITI ****** *********
Swift CITIGB2L Citibank International Plc Global Consumer Banking PO BOX 49930 London SE5 7XT United Kingdom

4) Bank Transfer to "******* s.r.o." CitiBank CZK **********/2600 IBAN:CZ33 2600 0000 **** **** ****
CitiBank a.s. Swift CITICZPX CitiBank Prague Evropská 178 Praha 6, 166 40 Czech Republic

5) Bank Transfer to "****** s.r.o." CitiBank USD **********/2600 IBAN:CZ48 2600 0000 **** **** ****
CitiBank a.s. Swift CITICZPX CitiBank Prague Evropská 178 Praha 6, 166 40 Czech Republic

Payment should be on the basis "sender pays all costs".  Please make certain that
you have paid in full well in advance of your holiday - post, and banks often malfunction
and it is horrid for all of us if we are anxiously waiting for a payment to arrive just before
the start of a holiday, uncertain if the holiday will be able to proceed. 

Payment is on the basis of payment that arrives, not payment that is sent. 
Sadly the international banking system is quite greedy - when transmitting money
internationally banks often deduct a "sending fee", an "intermediary fee" and then
give a poor exchange rate.  Obviously we will pay any banking costs charged by our
own bank, but we do ask that the full payment amount for your holiday arrives in
our bank account.  We have bank accounts in GBP, USD and CZK.  Click here for more details.

We never use PayPal under any circumstances.


We will reserve your dates when we have received a 50+% deposit from you.  Sadly
it often happens that several Guests ask to book conflicting dates.  This is a horrid
situation for us but we try to be as fair to everyone as we possibly can be.  So if
more than one Guest asks to reserve the same dates we will try to see if some
flexibility will give everyone the holiday that they want, but if that is not possible
then we have to award the reservation on the basis of the first deposit we received.  Click here

If you have recently enquired about a date, but your deposit has not yet been
received, we will endeavour to notify you if another Guest enquires about a
conflicting date.

Once a 50+% payment has been received from you, then your dates are reserved. 
Every eMail and letter we send to you will always include your name and the
arrival date and the departure date of your holiday in the "Subject".  Despite
taking the utmost care misunderstandings can occur, so if you spot any
discrepancy or have any concerns at all, please tell us immediately.

If you initially send only a 50% deposit then please send the balance 8 weeks
before your holiday arrival date.  This is essential to secure your booking.
But please also consider sending 100% from the outset - it is a lot less work for everyone if you do!

Deposit Refund

The purpose of the deposit is to protect IdyllicPrague from losses incurred as a
result of late cancellation of reserved dates.  So we will always refund a deposit
if we can - our intention is only to withhold the actual losses incurred.


We will always refund 100% of your payment if the booking is cancelled
12+ weeks before the arrival date.


We will always refund at least 50% of the deposit (or at least 75% of
the payment if 100% payment has been made) if the booking is cancelled
8+ weeks before the arrival date.  if we can reduce the actual losses
incurred we will refund more.


We will always refund at least 25% of the deposit (or at least 87.5% of
the payment if 100% payment has been made) if the booking is cancelled
4+ weeks before the arrival date.  if we can reduce the actual losses
incurred we will refund more.

When you send a payment to IdyllicPrague.com, IdyllicPrague.com pay their
bank charges and IdyllicPrague.com ask you to pay your bank charges (for
more details click here).  However when IdyllicPrague.com send you a refund
they will deduct their bank charges that were directly incurred in the transaction.
In other words the refund will be "cost neutral" to IdyllicPrague.com.  Our experience
has been that posting a cheque to you is the best, cheapest and easiest option.
If that does not work we will transfer the money bank to bank electronically.
We never use PayPal under any circumstances.

IdyllicPrague will make every reasonable effort to pay an agreed refund to you, but no
more than "every reasonable effort".  We will be grateful for your assistance in helping us
to ensure that an appropriate refund is delivered to you as quickly and easily to you, at
the minimum cost of transfer.

Sadly IdyllicPrague may have to be slow in paying a refund in order to protect themselves
from the "Overpayment Scam" click here

Security/Breakage Deposit

IdyllicPrague do not ask their Guests for a Security Deposit or a Breakage Deposit.
However IdyllicPrague do reserve the right to ask Guests to reimburse the cost of
breakages where IdyllicPrague consider that to be appropriate.  Click here for
more details.


bulletCharges will be calculated in British Pounds but may be paid in any major
currency. Other currencies are shown for guidance only
bulletFor the comfort of other guests, no smoking permitted inside the cottage
bulletFor the comfort of other guests, no pets are permitted  (for Guests with
pet allergies - we believe that the Cottage has always been "pet free")
bulletSubsidised personal airport greeting and transfer is usually offered.  Return
to Prague Airport is available on request, at cost.
bulletCottage and bicycle rental at Guest's risk.  For more details click here
bulletIdyllicPrague try to be as flexible as possible to ensure the comfort of all
Guests.  So far we have almost always succeeded in fully accommodating all
Guests requested arrival and departure times.  It may occasionally happen
that in order to maintain the highest standards of preparation of the Cottage
for the following Guest, it may occasionally be necessary to ask the departing
Guest to leave the Cottage by 10:00 and delay access to the Cottage for
the arriving Guest until 15:00.  Should this be necessary IdyllicPrague will
work with the Guests to make this changeover as comfortable as possible click here
bulletArrival or departure before 09:00 or after 20:00 by special arrangement only click here
bulletAll Guests will be asked to sign an Arrival Acceptance Form
bulletClick here for Damage policy
bulletFor full payment details, click here

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