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Overpayment Scam

Sadly there are fraudsters who target holiday rentals in the hope of stealing money. 

A typical fraud looks like this

    The fraudster books a holiday rental.

    A story is invented that provides an excuse for the fraudster to pay extra

    An overpayment appears to have been made by the fraudster

    The payment and overpayment appear to be safely in the holiday renter's bank account

    A new twist in the fraudster's story requests that some of the overpayment is paid somewhere else

    The renter, thinking that he/she is protected by an overpayment makes the requested payment

    The renter then discovers that the original overpayment has been reversed in his/her bank account

    This fraud depends in part on the fact that it is possible to unilaterally reverse a payment for up to 8 weeks

The problem for holiday renters such as IdyllicPrague is to identify these nasty criminals from the good honest renters.
Inevitably the fraudsters make every effort to appear genuine, and it is an agonising decision for IdyllicPrague to take
precautions if we are unsure whether or not the person we are communicating with is genuine.

We can only ask the good, honest, genuine Guests to please forgive us if we have to take precautions to protect
ourselves from these nasty criminals.  Steps we will take include

    We will not accept overpayment, whatever the excuse

    We will never send money to a third party

    When we make genuine repayments and rebates, we may need to be slow in making those payments, just to be safe

    We will make every effort to collaborate with appropriate authorities to prosecute these nasty criminals.

If you are honest, and circumstances force us to be a little suspicious, we offer our deepest apologises, and hope that you
can understand our predicament.  If you are honest, a little extra communications will usually quickly dispel any concerns.

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