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Rent a Mobile Phone and SIM Card

It is now several years since
any Guest requested this service,
and we do not therefore keep SIM
cards ready for Guest use. 
If you think it would be helpful to you,
please discuss the options with us.

For a small charge (currently 10), IdyllicPrague will be pleased to rent to you
(subject to availability) a Nokia mobile phone and SIM card.  The SIM card is
"Pay-As-You-Go" from EuroTel (see www.mobilgo.cz/jnp/en/).  We will add
200kc to whatever credit is left on the SIM card by the previous Guest.

Click here for details of mobile telephone handsets to go with the SIM card.

All we ask is that before you leave you recharge this SIM card with credit
as a courtesy to the following Guest.  We would encourage you to leave around
200kc credit on the mobile phone.  IdyllicPrague will add 200kc to whatever
credit the previous Guest left on the mobile phone SIM card. So, if the previous
Guest left 200kc and IdyllicPrague add an extra 200kc, there will be 400kc credit
on the mobile phone SIM card. 

Should you lose the card, we will ask for 500kc towards the cost of  purchasing a
replacement, and should you lose the Nokia mobile telephone, we will ask for an
additional 1,500kc towards the cost of purchasing a replacement.

As this SIM card is Prague based, calls made and received while you are in
Prague will usually be much less expensive than your own "roaming"
mobile phone.

Also, just as the "house" telephone in the IdyllicPrague Cottage is registered with
the AAA taxi company, so this mobile phone SIM card is also registered with the
AAA taxi company.

So, when you telephone AAA taxis on 14014 the English speaking telephonist
will immediately recognise the mobile phone number, and will know the address
of the Cottage in Cerny Vul (pronounced "cher-knee-vool").

In addition, from this mobile phone SIM card it is possible to order an AAA taxi
by sending an SMS text message to 999069.  This is an impressive system
convenient and efficient.  Here are some sample messages that you might use:-

Prague Airport Terminal 1 Ord A Guest * Airport Sever 1
Canadian Medical Centre Ord A Guest * Veleslavinska 39
British Embassy Ord A Guest * Thunovska 14
Cash Machine Suchdol Ord A Guest * Kamycka 1219
Delvita Supermarket Ord A Guest * Jugoslavskych Partyzanu 1580

Very quickly, usually in only a few seconds, AAA will send you an SMS text
reply that might look something like this

From:    999069
Date:    28/3/08 17:01
AAA:Order 1 (Jug. partyzanu 1580): arrival in 5:06pm, car no. 0922, VW Golf, white

If you want to discuss your taxi order with the English speaking AAA telephonist
then just telephone 14014 and tell her that you placed a taxi order by SMS. 

Click here for more information. 

We recommend that you try this SMS text system for ordering AAA taxis.
You will find that it is convenient, unambiguous, clear and efficient.

Mobile Telephone Handsets

We have purchased a couple of mobile telephone handsets to go with the SIM
cards, but we struggle to keep them in good condition because they are not
used very often.  In particular they may not charge easily for first use.  So - if
you need a handset to go with the SIM card we will try to help, but do not
expect too much of the handsets!  If possible, bring your own handset to use
with the SIM card.  We apologise for the negative message, but I am sure that
you can understand that providing a SIM card is a courtesy service to our Guests,
the small fee we charge does not cover our costs.

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