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Early or Late Arrival

The IdyllicPrague.com team are delighted that so many Guests write such
happy comments about their IdyllicPrague.com holidays (click here).

Most holiday letting companies have very strict rules about arrival and departure
times and arrival and departure days.  For example other holiday letting
Cottages might insist that Guests arrive at 16:00 on a Saturday and depart
at 09:00 Saturday morning.   And they only allow changeover on Saturday - no
other day is allowed!   In contrast, the IdyllicPrague.com are proud to be extremely
flexible, and we know that our Guests appreciate this flexibility.

Our simple rule is that Guests should arrive on their chosen day of arrival
between 15:00 and 18:00 and that Guests should depart on their chosen day
of departure by 10:00.

However we can often be much more flexible.  We just ask you to communicate
with us well in advance.  So far the IdyllicPrague.com team has agreed to every
early and late request.  But we must respect their right to refuse.  And we may
need to charge a fee.   What is important is to ensure we have agreed a solution
at the outset.

Late Departure

We normally ask departing Guests to be out of the Cottage by 10:00 on their day
of departure. 

We are very proud that many Guests have complimented the IdyllicPrague.com team
for the sparkling cleanliness that greeted them on their arrival at their
IdyllicPrague.com Holiday Cottage.  But inevitably preparing a Cottage to such a
high standard, preparing beds and linen and attending to small items of maintenance
takes time, so please allow the housekeeper exclusive access to the Cottage
between 10:00 and 15:00 on changeover day.

If you have special circumstances, then please discuss them with us well in advance.
Depending on the housekeeper's schedule, if new Guests are not arriving on the day
of your departure we may be able to give you a little more flexibility.  But if you want
a very late departure then we do ask you to pay for an extra day.

If you do have a late evening departure flight, what we normally do is


    arrange with the next Guests that you can leave your suitcases locked in the
    Cottage garage for the day.


    or some Guests arrange to leave their suitcases with the local pub restaurant
    for the day.


    or occasionally Guests have managed to check their bags in at the airport in
    the morning and fly that evening.


    or as an alternative we have found the left luggage at the airport to be
    convenient and good value.

Early Arrival

For 2 out of 3 Guests, the preceding Guests have departed prior to your arrival.
Most usually the preceding Guests have departed the day before you arrive.
In those circumstances, if you discuss and agree it with us well in advance,
the IdyllicPrague.com team can often give you early access to your Holiday Cottage.

But if the preceding Guests are departing on the morning of your arrival please
understand that the housekeeper needs time to thoroughly clean the cottage,
change the beds, change the linen and undertake any small maintenance tasks.
It may therefore be 15:00 before we can give you access to your Holiday Cottage.
Sometimes we are able to give you earlier access, but this will depend on
circumstances that are largely outside the scope of control of the IdyllicPrague.com
team.  (In particular it would be extremely helpful if Guests would notify us of any
small maintenance task as soon as a problem becomes apparent, rather than
waiting to inform us on "Guest changeover day".)

Guests who have needed to wait for access to their holiday Cottage have found
very pleasant ways to spend those first few hours at the start of their holiday. 
Some have explored the local countryside on foot or by bicycle, some have enjoyed
a leisurely lunch in the local  pub restaurant, and others have gone shopping. 
As long as you please discuss it with us in advance then the IdyllicPrague.com
team will be delighted to help you ensure a delightful start to your holiday.

Late Arrival

A late arrival is any arrival after 18:00.  IdyllicPrague.com only accept late arrivals
by prior agreement with an additional payment of GBP 50.
  (This amount may vary
please enquire for the price).  If you ask for a late arrival, we will ask the IdyllicPrague.com
team for volunteers to greet you.  So far, sufficient members of the IdyllicPrague.com
team have always volunteered to greet all late arriving Guests, so so far we have
always been able to accept all requests for late arrival.   The best solution is
usually the "Personal Greeting Service".  For more details click here.

All arriving Guests must be greeted by the IdyllicPrague.com team, there are
no exceptions to this procedure.  For more details click here.

But sometimes late arrivals turn into very late arrivals.  If you are driving to your
IdyllicPrague.com holiday please send SMS (telephone text) messages or telephone
Hana on +420 724 07 .... to inform her of your progress.  In particular please tell her
when you start your journey, please tell her when you are 6 hours away, and please
tell her when you are 2 hours away (which is usually when you cross the Czech border.)
If you do not keep the IdyllicPrague.com team informed then it is possible that there
will be nobody to greet you when you arrive at the IdyllicPrague.com Cottages and there
may be a considerable delay (perhaps 2 hours) in giving you access to your Holiday

If you are arriving by aeroplane then there is a possibility that your flight may be
delayed.  If you have given us your full flight details (departure airport, airline, flight
number and arrival time at Prague Airport) then we will be able to track your flight
arrival electronically, and we will know when to expect your flight.

Let us suppose that your flight was due to arrive at 20:30.  You explained this to
IdyllicPrague.com and the IdyllicPrague.com team very kindly agreed to accommodate
your late arrival.  But instead of arriving at 20:30 your flight is delayed and arrives at
23:00.  By the time that you arrive at your Holiday Cottage the time is 24:00.  You are
very tired and fed up.  Your children are very tired and unhappy.  All you want to do is
to get your children and yourselves to bed, and look forward to tomorrow.  When that
happens please understand that the IdyllicPrague.com team are feeling exactly the same
way!  While they want to greet you, make you comfortable, arrange everything for you
and ensure the perfect start to your holiday for you, they are also tired and fed up. 
All they want to do is return to their families and get themselves to bed.  So - a little
reciprocal understanding would be most gratefully received!  We are delighted that our
Guests are fulsome in their praise for the way in which we greet them, and we want to
maintain that standard for everyone.

If you have any special requests - for example a particular arrangement of bedrooms -
please discuss that with us well in advance.  None of us want to be rearranging bedrooms
after midnight!

In extreme cases of late arrival, particularly when Guests have not communicated their
late arrival, and have not paid the late arrival fee in advance, IdyllicPrague.com reserves
the right to refuse to greet Guests until the following morning. 
In those circumstances we
will try to greet Guests at 08:00 but it may be as late as 10:00.  But we would hate such
a situation to arise.  It has not happened yet, and we are determined it never will!

Please communicate the details of your arrival as much as possible click here

In extreme circumstances, the IdyllicPrague.com team may ask you to go to
the local pub restaurant for help click here.

All Guests will be asked to sign an Arrival Acceptance Form

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