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Arriving at 

After your payment for your holiday has been received, will post an information pack to you.  This information
pack will include a Letter acknowledging your payment and some Vouchers

The Vouchers might include

bullet Vouchers for an "Welcome Pack"
bullet Vouchers for bicycle rental for your use during your holiday

If you are not using the personal greeting service,
you may collect Keys to your IdyllicPrague Cottage from Julie.  
Contact Julie on
+420 724 07 #### (we will provide the full number) otherwise ask Mr Milan Weiss, the landlord of the local pub
restaurant "U Černého Vola " for Julie of IdyllicPrague.
address is Restaurace Hospoda U Černého Vola, Kralupská 151, Černý Vůl 252 62 Statenice Czech Republic    50° 8' 49.733" N  14° 20' 06,573" E
+420739439425.  Click here for bus, taxi and driving directions.
Exchange your Letter and Vouchers for Keys and Welcome Pack

On presentation of your payment Letter, Julie or Milan Weiss will give you your Keys,
will show you to your Cottage, and will ask you to sign an "Arrival Acceptance Form". 
She will exchange your Vouchers for a "Welcome Pack", bicycles, etc.

The "Welcome Pack" usually includes a bottle of sparkling Dobra Voda mineral water,
a bottle of still Dobra Voda mineral water, a bottle of Bohemia Sekt Champagne, 1l milk, a small supply of tea, coffee, sugar, salt, soap, toilet paper and kitchen towel.

Please send plenty of SMS telephone text messages to Julie on +420 724 07 #### (we will provide the full number)
so that she knows when to expect you.   We suggest sending a message when you start your journey, when you
cross the Czech border, and as you approach Černý Vůl.  You can also send SMS telephone text messages to Simona and Hana.

There are some areas in the local countryside without mobile telephone signal so we will also give you the mobile
phone numbers of Simona +42072797 #### (we will provide the full number) and Hana +42077783 ####
(we will provide the full number).  Julie, Simona and Hana can all help you with your arrival.  If Dan is collecting
you from Prague Airport or Prague Railway Station, you can contact him on +42072433 ####  (we will provide the full number).

Click here to contact IdyllicPrague.   A Czech contact number for IdyllicPrague +42022620 ####  (we will provide the full number).

U Černého Vola pub/restaurant is open daily 11:00-20:00 or later, but please confirm your
anticipated arrival time well in advance. If you are uncertain whether you will arrive
before the pub closes, we recommend that you book a personal greeting service.

Tell Us When You Will Arrive

Please send us several SMS telephone text messages so that we know when you will arrive.  Something like this: -

bullet    Bill Gates leaving Geneva 06:45 expected arrival 15:30
bullet    Bill Gates passing Karlsruhe 11:50 expected arrival 16:25
bullet    Bill Gates crossing Czech Border 14:10 expected arrival 16:20
bullet    Bill Gates expected arrival 16:35

Meet Us at The IdyllicPrague Cottage

We want you to start enjoying your IdyllicPrague Holiday as soon as possible.  So, instead of meeting us at U Černého Vola
you might like to go straight to your IdyllicPrague Cottage

bullet    Directions to Conifer Cottage are here
bullet    Directions to Cherry Tree Cottage are here

But before you do that, please contact Hana, Julie or Simona 1 hour before your arrival to make certain that they know that
you are driving directly to Conifer Cottage or Cherry Tree Cottage and to confirm that they will be able to meet you there. also offer a personal greeting service which by prior agreement may
be available 06:00 - 23:00 or even later by prior agreement.

Personal Greeting Service

We recommend our Personal Greeting Service,
which has been highly praised by our Guests. 

IdyllicPrague offer a Personal Greeting Service if requested. 
A bilingual member of the IdyllicPrague team will collect you from:-

    -    Prague Airport

    -    Prague City Centre or any of the

    -    Prague Railway, Bus or Coach stations

by prior arrangement.  The cost is approximately:-

GBP  £45 for  4 people GBP  £60 for  8 people GBP  £75 for 12 people
GBP  £90 for 16 people GBP £105 for 20 people GBP £120 for 24 people
GBP £135 for 28 people GBP £150 for 32 people GBP £165 for 36 people
GBP £180 for 40 people GBP £195 for 44 people GBP £210 for 48 people

Click here to check the exact cost of this service.  Payment must be received at least a week
before the start of your holiday, but we recommend booking the service several weeks
in advance to avoid disappointment.

These charges are subsidised by and are only slightly more than
the cost of a taxi but will provide you with far more than a taxi. 
The chauffeur will be waiting to greet you in Prague Airport arrival hall,
will provide you with useful information as he drives you to your holiday
Cottage, will give you a guided tour of your holiday Cottage, and will provide you with
helpful local information.  Guests have been delighted with the service provided - click here.

You may wish to consider "shopping on arrival" - click here.

Prague Airport Greeting 

IdyllicPrague offer an Airport Greeting Service if requested.  A bilingual
member of the IdyllicPrague team will meet you at the airport, transport you
to the Cottage, and see you settled comfortably into your holiday.  Return to
Prague Airport can also be arranged at cost, on request.

Your Prague Airport collection is normally for flights arriving between 08:00 and 20:00.
However we can sometimes be more flexible with Airport collection - please ask!
And Dan is usually available for additional collections (click for details) - please ask!

To assist us to meet you, please provide us with: -

    -    arrival time

    -    arrival terminal

    -    departure airport (where you are flying from - important, but often forgotten!)

    -    flight number

    -    a mobile telephone number on which we can contact you in Prague Airport

Normally meeting Guests at Prague Airport is very straightforward and easy.
But when problems occur, being able to contact you on your mobile telephone
can be very helpful. The occasional problems that do occur are

1)    Delayed (or even re-routed) flight

2)    Baggage delay. (If your luggage is seriously delayed, give the "luggage desk"
your destination address (the Cottage address), and leave the airport without
your luggage.  It is our experience so far that the luggage will always find you
in the end - usually arriving at the Cottage the next day.)

    The most common "lost luggage" problem we experience in Prague is that
the luggage came through extremely quickly, and has been lifted off the
carousel before you arrived in the baggage hall. So, if your luggage is not
going round and round on the luggage belt carousel, try looking for a stack
of cases nearby - maybe your luggage is neatly stacked there.

3)    Sometimes there is a delay of an hour or more for non-EU passports.

But our experiences are good, problems do not often occur.

Here is a photo of the Chauffeur Dan Svanda greeting a
Guest at Prague Airport: -



By prior arrangement only, for a small fee Dan will assist arriving Guests
with Supermarket shopping on arrival.  Please pay directly to Dan, to cover
additional parking fees and taxi waiting time. 

Click here for details of shopping-on-arrival.  Click here for local shopping.

Pizza Delivery

For Pizza Delivery phone +420 220 920 772 or click here

Airport Collection

The IdyllicPrague team believe that a professional, efficient, friendly, trouble free
greeting on arrival is very important to the success of our Guests holidays, and we
are absolutely delighted that our Guests regularly praise the IdyllicPrague team
for the way in which they were greeted on arrival.  (For details click here.)

Airport collection requires a particular set of skills.  The Greeter needs to
be totally trustworthy and be extraordinarily reliable.  The Greeter needs to have
an excellent command of languages, and a good knowledge of Prague Airport,
the airline systems and the information systems that help us to track flights. 
The Greeter also needs to be a professional chauffeur with a good vehicle and/or
have an excellent understanding of the airport taxi system.

The IdyllicPrague team is a small team, who are great at helping each other out.
Clearly no individual member of the team can be available to Guests 24 hours per day
7 days per week 365¼ days per year.  When Guests arrive at unusual hours it does
become more difficult and expensive for IdyllicPrague to provide the same level of
excellent service. 

If you are arriving outside 08:00 - 20:00 or need multiple airport collections, please
discuss it with us as soon as possible.  The sooner you discuss it with us, the better
the chance that we can find a solution that is excellent for everyone, and the easier
it will be for the IdyllicPrague team to schedule their work and their lives around your arrival time.

Guests taking taxis from Airport to Cottages

Unscrupulous taxis.  We do emphasise to all our Guests to only ever use "AAA Taxi" or "Profi Taxi".
but other unscrupulous taxis are very adept at persuading even the most experienced and canny
travellers to use their cabs.  This can be an expensive time wasting mistake.

Lost taxis.   Even good taxis will sometimes fail to find the Cottage address.  When they
fail to find the address in their map books, or when they "drive in hope" and then fail to remember
the area, it is too easy for them to assume that the newly arrived foreigner has the wrong address.
But please do not let this concern you - click here for help with this problem.

GuidingTaxis to Cottages

It does occasionally happen that, a Guest experiences a minor problem directing a taxi,
but this has always been easily dealt with.  Please do not worry, no Guest has ever
reported a significant problem.   In our experience AAA Taxi drivers are nearly always excellent -
friendly, helpful, efficient and extremely honest.  For more details click here.
However if you do have any concern, our suggestions include

Phone for help.  Telephone a member of the IdyllicPrague team on your mobile telephone, and then
hand the mobile telephone to the taxi driver.  We can sort out any difficulties for you by talking to the
taxi driver on your behalf in Czech.

Taxi cards.  IdyllicPrague supply Guests with "Get-Me-Home" driving instructions on a small card.
Just hand the card to the taxi driver - it tells him everything he needs to know to drive you to your Cottage.

Point-And-Go.  IdyllicPrague supply Guests with "Point-And-Go" taxi instructions on an A4 sheet.
Just show the sheet to the taxi driver and point to your destination - it tells him everything he needs to know.

Ask for the Garden Centre.  Just ask the taxi driver to drive to   This garden centre is extremely well signposted, and very near to the Cottages.  You will recognise where you are and you will be able to complete the journey just by pointing out the directions.  Or if you prefer you can just walk from the Garden Centre to your Cottage, it is only a few hundred yards away.

Ask for "dispatching".  Ask the taxi driver to contact dispatching by telephone for the address. (These
words are very similar in Czech, so will easily be understood.)  If you give the home telephone number
of your Cottage to an AAA Taxi driver, dispatching can use the telephone number to instantly find the
address and directions to the address, on the AAA dispatching computer.

Guests arriving in Prague by car

All Guests who have arrived in their own car have complimented us on our driving directions,
and report that they experienced no difficulties.  If you are arriving outside 08:00-20:00 click here.

Click here for directions for driving to Conifer Cottage

Click here for directions for driving to Cherry Tree Cottage

Click here for directions for driving to U Černého Vola Restaurace

Click here for directions for driving to Ve Mlejne Restaurace

Click here for a map showing Cerny Vul just outside Prague

Click here for obsolete Greeting details