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Non-Cash Payment - Cash Deposit on Arrival

IdyllicPrague do not take "cash on arrival" but
IdyllicPrague can take a "refundable cash deposit on arrival"

IdyllicPrague.com have no facilities to accept payment on arrival, and never make any transactions of any kind in cash.  All IdyllicPrague payments of all kinds are "non-cash".

Non-Cash Payments and Refundable Cash Deposits

A "non-cash" payment can be a bank transfer or a cheque.  For more details click here.

A "refundable cash deposit payment" can be made by the Guest to IdyllicPrague
in any major currency, typically British GBP, Czech CZK or European EUR currency bank notes.

IdyllicPrague will normally endeavour to return exactly the same original currency notes to the Guest when IdyllicPrague refunds the "cash deposit payment" to the Guest.

Why IdyllicPrague offer a Cash Deposit Facility

IdyllicPrague do realise however that sometimes non-cash payments made by
Guests in advance of their holidays are delayed.  IdyllicPrague understand that
not offering a "cash-payment on-arrival" facility to Guests can cause inconvenience
to IdyllicPrague Guests. In order to assist their Guests therefore, IdyllicPrague may
under exceptional circumstances offer a non-cash deferred alternative. 

Although it is not possible for Guests to pay cash on arrival, under exceptional
circumstances it may be possible for Guests to pay a "refundable cash deposit on arrival". 

This refundable cash deposit paid on arrival will be returned when the non-cash payment finally arrives.


This "refundable-cash-deposit-on-arrival" procedure may be available in exceptional circumstances in accordance with the following conditions

1)    This is an exceptional procedure.  It is only available by explicit prior agreement.
       Guests should not assume that this procedure is available to them without discussion.

2)    The time of Guest arrival at the Cottages must be agreed in advance. 
       Typically this will be before 18:00.  Click here for more details of early or late arrival.

3)    In compliance with Czech Law, full passport details must be sent to the Czech Police
       Computer before Guest arrival.  For more details click here.

       On arrival the Guests must provide physical proof of their home address in addition to
       providing all their passports for inspection in accordance with Czech Law.

4)    IdyllicPrague will charge a transaction fee of GBP 50 for handling the cash deposit.

5)    In addition IdyllicPrague will add a deposit of GBP 50 to ensure that a non-cash payment
       will finally be made.
6)    If the Guests fails to arrive as agreed, the Guests will pay the full agreed holiday rental.
7)    In the case of serious deviation from these procedures, no access to the Cottages will be
       given but the full holiday rental will still be paid.  Click here for more details
8)    Once a non-cash payment has been secured, IdyllicPrague will return the cash deposit.
9)    Guest failure to provide a non-cash payment will be treated as non-payment and will be
       pursued in the normal manner as if it were a non-payment.  This is because IdyllicPrague
       will not be able to post the cash-deposit into the accounts of IdyllicPrague. 
       The cash-deposit is not a substitute for the non-cash payment under any circumstances.
 10)  Any Guest wishing to make use of this procedure must send confirmation that they
        agree to the policy in full.  In particular the Guest must make a personal commitment
        to ensure that a non-cash payment is made by the Guest; this  non-cash payment will
        enable IdyllicPrague to return the cash deposit to the Guest in full. 


As an example, let us suppose that you have an agreed holiday booking for GBP 240.

You have made an electronic transfer of GBP 240, but the payment has not been confirmed by the receiving IdyllicPrague bank.  You ask IdyllicPrague for help, and IdyllicPrague confirm that they will be able to accept a cash deposit on arrival.

On your arrival you will present IdyllicPrague with all your passports, your proof of home address and GBP 340 (or CZK 10,000kc) in cash as a cash deposit.  When your non-cash payment of GBP 290 (240+50=290) has been received by IdyllicPrague, IdyllicPrague will return the GBP 340 (or CZK 10,000kc if that is what you provided) to you in cash.

Further Details

Guest sender pays costs, see http://www.londonprague.com/Price-Policy.htm#Payment

Under exceptional circumstances, IdyllicPrague may deduct transaction costs, currency conversion
costs and the costs of transmitting cash, when this is not covered by the GBP 50 fee. 

IdyllicPrague will make every reasonable effort to return the cash deposit, but the return
of the cash deposit will depend on an element of cooperation from the Guest,
such as the Guest providing a valid address for the return.  If it is unavoidable that
IdyllicPrague have to return the bank notes by post in an envelope, IdyllicPrague
will take reasonable precautions, but the Guests accepts liability for loss in transit.


A more up-to-date version of the "Last-Minute Late Holiday Bookings" text shown
below can be found by clicking here


If IdyllicPrague.com have asked you to confirm that you accept the risk of attempting
a late booking, then click here for more details.

Last-Minute Late Holiday Bookings

IdyllicPrague.com prefer not to take Last-Minute Holiday Bookings, and never discount.

The IdyllicPrague.com team are delighted that so many Guests write such
happy comments about their IdyllicPrague.com holidays (click here).

We are also delighted that Guests who have made Last-Minute Bookings tell us
that they have had wonderful holidays.  But the purpose of this "Last-Minute
Late Bookings" webpage is to explain that IdyllicPrague.com are a small,
busy, team, and if you make a last-minute booking we may not be able to offer
quite the same package as a timely booking.

100% Payment and Czech Police Forms must be received and successfully
processed before IdyllicPrague.com can give you access to any Cottage.

Payment for Late Holiday Bookings

It is very important that you discuss and agree your method of payment with us
as soon as possible.  We regret that if we cannot confirm your payment has
been received then we will not be able to give you access to the Cottages.
Our normal booking process is designed to be as comfortable as possible for
all parties involved.  Unfortunately if you are making a late booking we are
going to need to be reassured by your verified personal details while being able to
offer you less in return.  If that is a concern to you then try clicking here.

A normal bank transfer takes several days to appear in the receiving bank account.
So if you want to make a rapid payment you will need to ask your bank for an
"express" transfer.  Your bank will charge extra for this service.

Cash Payment on Arrival

We do not have any facilities for taking cash payments.  We observe a strict zero cash policy.
IdyllicPrague.com never take payment in cash, and never makes payment in cash.

Legal Requirements for Czech Police

IdyllicPrague.com are obliged to comply with Czech Law click here.  It is essential
that you send us a spreadsheet of the passport information demanded by the Czech police
before your arrival.  If we have not received the form demanded by the Czech police
your arrival we will not be able to give you access to your IdyllicPrague.com holiday Cottage.

Late Bicycle Booking

We normally organise bicycles for Guests well in advance of Guest arrival.
Late bicycle bookings can only be organised at additional cost, and we make
a charge as a contribution towards these additional costs (click here).  

Fees for bicycle rental are always calculated for the full extent of your holiday;
we never rent bicycles for only a part of your holiday.

Holiday Greeting on Arrival

It is particularly important that you discuss and agree your arrival time with us
as soon as possible.  If you have not agreed your arrival time with us there is
a risk that we may not be able to give you access to the Cottages. Click here

Holiday Welcome Pack

If you make a last-minute booking there is a risk that we may not be able to
provide you with a Welcome Pack.  In particular we may not be able to provide
you with metro tickets.  When payment has been confirmed, IdyllicPrague.com
will post vouchers to you for a Welcome Pack and for metro tickets. Click here.
If payment is received late, then there will not be time for you to receive your
vouchers, and we will not be able to provide you with Welcome Pack or metro
tickets.  For more information regarding late booking and Welcome Pack click here.

Cottage Cleaning Schedule

If you make a last-minute holiday booking there is a risk that we may not be
able to arrange the normal Cottage cleaning schedule.  We will, of course,
provide you with a delightful and clean Cottage, but our approach may need
 to be more flexible than would be the case with a timely booking.

Making a Cottage Booking at Your Own Risk

It sometimes happens that we tell Guests that it is too late to make a booking
but they still ask to try to make the booking anyway.  If that happens we will
ask them to email us to confirm that they are proceeding at entirely their own risk.
We will ask them to confirm that they fully accept the terms described on this page.

If IdyllicPrague.com have not received the spreadsheet of Passport information which
Czech law obliges us to send to the Czech Police before your arrival, or if IdyllicPrague.com
have not received full Payment before your arrival, then we regret that we will not
be able to give you the keys to the Cottage.

        No Prior Proven Payment then No Keys
        No Prior Passport Details then No Keys

It is not sufficient to prove that you have sent payment, payment must have
been received by IdyllicPrague.com before you can be given any keys.

If you have sent payment, and it does not arrive in time, and as a consequence
IdyllicPrague.com are not able to give you the keys to the Cottage, then
IdyllicPrague.com will, if reasonable, return your payment to you, less any bank
charges or similar.   This only applies to situations in which IdyllicPrague.com
have agreed that you  may attempt to make a late payment.  If you are
acting against the instructions of IdyllicPrague.com or if you are acting without
the approval of IdyllicPrague.com then IdyllicPrague.com will resolve the matter
in a manner that IdyllicPrague.com considers to be appropriate.
IdyllicPrague.com will apply a similar approach should Passport information arrive
late, forcing IdyllicPrague.com to refuse to provide the keys to the Cottage.
IdyllicPrague.com have no wish to profit from the misfortune of a Guest who attempts
to make a late payment and fails.  It is the intention of IdyllicPrague.com to be as fair
honest and reasonable in these matters as possible.  However a flagrant abuse - for
example deliberately withholding passport information - may cause IdyllicPrague.com
to treat this according to the rules of "Request for Refund" - for more details click here

All Guests will be asked to sign an Arrival Acceptance Form and
are obliged to comply with Czech Law click here.

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