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For details of how to send the Czech Police Passport Information to IdyllicPrague, click here

Why send Passport information before arrival?

IdyllicPrague.com consider the passport information that Czech Police demand our Guests to
provide to be very onerous.  IdyllicPrague are not happy that Czech Law requires us to
demand this confidential information from all our Guests.  Moreover the operation of the
system requested by the Czech Police is designed for a hotel with a 24 hour reception desk,
and is not suitable for a Holiday Cottage Rental. 

This raises a number of concerns, particularly the security and privacy of your personal data (click here).

IdyllicPrague.com have taken extensive expert advice and have agreed with the Czech Police a system
that is simpler, and more practical, and takes better care of your personal confidential information.
We would like to improve it further, but the system we are currently operating is the best we could
negotiate with the Czech Police in compliance with Czech Law.

Czech Law places legal requirements on both IdyllicPrague.com and also on you, our Guests.
IdyllicPrague will always comply with Czech Law.  We regret therefore, that we cannot provide
keys to the IdyllicPrague Cottages if any member of the group is refusing to comply with Czech Law.

On-Arrival Passport Information is bad for everyone!

If you do arrive at the IdyllicPrague.com Cottages without having previously provided your
passport information to be electronically registered with the Czech Police we will follow the
following procedure.

1)    We regret we will be unable to provide the keys to any of the IdyllicPrague.com Cottages
        until all Passport Information has been supplied to the Czech Police in compliance with Czech Law.

2)    If the Passport details of any member of your group has not been previously sent electronically to
        the Czech Police, we will have to resort to a manual procedure.  We will ask a member of the
        IdyllicPrague.com team to collect a Czech Police Passport Book from secure storage. 
        If no prior arrangements have been made, fetching the Book might take a while.  This is
        because we place a very high priority on protecting the personal data of all our Guests (click here). 

3)    Not all members of the IdyllicPrague.com team process Passport Information.  So it may be
        necessary to wait for an appropriate person to be available.

4)    We will manually enter the Passport and Personal Details of every member of your group
        into the Czech Police Passport Book, and send the details electronically to the Czech Police

5)    We can only give our Guests access to the IdyllicPrague.com Holiday Cottages when this
        procedure has been completed in accordance with Czech Law.

The Easy Simple Comfortable Solution!!!

The easy solution is to complete this bureaucratic process before your holiday, so that the
start to your holiday is simple, easy, hassle free, and completely relaxing!!!!

All you need to do is to enter your passport details into a spreadsheet and email the
spreadsheet to IdyllicPrague.  Job done!

For details of how to send the Czech Police Passport Information to IdyllicPrague, click here

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